January 11th, 2016

I am precisely 25 days away from turning 28 eight years old, which then means that I am 758 days away from being 30 and at the end of my 20 something life…and I’ve accomplished nothing really. I couldn’t even accomplish calculating that math myself, I had to look it up on google.

The excuses of my mid-twenties mentality are wearing thin, and the gap between 27 and 28 seems much larger than a single year.  It’s almost like the difference between sophomores and juniors in high school – the former is still wading through pubescent bullshit while the latter has decide it’s time to stop fucking around, grow a mustache, and get accepted to an ivy.

Since I managed to pull off none of those the first time around, I thought I’d give it another go, though I accept that I have limited faculties in growing facial hair.  I’m not ultimately sure what I’m aiming to accomplish, but like many in my generation I feel that I profoundly lack direction and genuinely crave a sense of purpose, so with any luck the journey will reveal the destination.

Admittedly, there a few habits that have been impeding my progress on this fantastic and meaningful quest of self discovery, most notably drinking.  I wouldn’t say that I drink too much really…I just drink often and in quantities that frighten and concern my parents. Beyond that, I am plagued by an addiction to instant gratification, Netflix, and online shopping. I realize that literally none of these activities further personal growth, however they’re fucking fun, and I fear that after this great purge of destructive behavior all I’ll be left with is caffeine and youtube makeup tutorials.


Luckily I managed to quit smoking last year and can now indulge in superiorly and enviously staring at those who have yet to kick the habit whenever they light up within a 100ft radius of me. However when push comes to shove the alcohol does need to go, so beginning with today I intend to drastically cut back.  I’m not one for imposing rigid guidelines because I feel like that’s just trading one extreme for another, but suffice it to say I will be consuming less. Way less.

Cheers to day one.